Welcome To Flash Creations

The products designed by Flash Creations are efficient tools for web base development. Our products were designed for easy setup on any webpage. There is no Flash coding required, so our products can be setup on any webpage within seconds. Your favorite photos, MP3 files, or videos can be shown instantly!!

Latest Release:

Premium Video Player

The Premium Video Player displays your favorite videos in a flash. Place your FLV video files into a folder, open the html document and the Premium Video Player is displaying FLV video files, that Simple!

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What are the Contents?

Our packages are in ZIP format and contain these files.

  • Main source file (SWF FILE)
  • HTML file w/ SWF embed
  • Customization text file (TXT)
  • PHP or ASP script file
  • Folder Containing (JPG, MP3, FLV) depending on application
  • FLA can be purchased separately               


What Can I Customize?

You can customize the colors of the programs. Add descriptions to pictures. Decided whether you want your to program auto play on page load. Add slide shows. And so much more!!!

How Do I Install the Files?

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Customer Reviews

" I am very pleased with the Premium Music Player. With just a little bit of personalizing I was easily able to get it up and running in no time. Thank you for this product at such a great price! " - Susan

" Great Products at very fair prices. I had a small technical issue after I
made the purchase and they were very responsive and fast in helping me get it resolved!. Support like that is rare anymore and customers appreciate that.
Keep it up!. "
- Andy ( MNRL Racing )